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To not be considered a lesser writer, or having a less valid voice just because I write genre fiction. The last one is an important distinction, actually. There is an emerging magical realism scene over here at the moment — but it feels like it is recognising writers of mainstream fiction who write magical realism and who I love the work of and completely support them in gaining that recognition and none of the fantastical writers who do so.

Thoughts On Writing and Sanity

This magical realism. It has many of its roots in fantasy. The day I see the two scenes coming together and Jan Carson did some great work in starting that linkage at the CS Lewis festival last year — which is perfect because, of course, Lewis gave equal emphasis to his genre work as his more literary work I will know that a threshold has been crossed.

A threshold of esteem, perhaps.

Writing for Sanity with Mike Reuther

And, mostly, I want to follow the path that allows me to explore those themes, to write great stuff and to bring in an income from it. Which means, I can be genuinely delighted for my writing mates who have that Great Agent.

But, for me? It might be that I go down further down the independent press route, where I can be a little bolder in my work. Or self published, if that feels right. Hell, it might even be a superstar agent and a six figure advance — but, if so, it will be for the kind of stuff I like writing, not something forced to the market.

So, there you go. My secret to happiness as a writer, to overcoming imposter syndrome there are better writers than me out there; there is no one else who is me , to equanimity in whatever the path throws at you.

Robert Gupta: Music is medicine, music is sanity

Know your identity. Be true to it. And have a shitload of fun on the way.

Writing for Sanity | The Well Project

The objective is "not" to verify thoroughly the new functionality but to determine that the developer has applied some rationality sanity while producing the software. Both sanity tests and smoke tests are ways to avoid wasting time and effort by quickly determining whether an application is too flawed to merit any rigorous testing.

Sanity Testing is also called tester acceptance testing. Smoke testing performed on a particular build is also known as a build verification test. One of the best industry practice is to conduct a Daily build and smoke test in software projects. Both smoke and sanity tests can be executed manually or using an automation tool. When automated tools are used, the tests are often initiated by the same process that generates the build itself. As per the needs of testing, you may have to execute both Sanity and Smoke Tests in the software build.

In such cases, you will first execute Smoke tests and then go ahead with Sanity Testing. In industry, test cases for Sanity Testing are commonly combined with that for smoke tests, to speed up test execution.

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Hence, it's a common that the terms are often confused and used interchangeably Click here if the video is not accessible. Read more about Smoke Testing in software engineering. In this eBook, you will learn basic skills and concepts of Software Testing. Lessons are taught What is Scrum? Scrum is an agile process that helps to deliver the business value in the shortest time What is Salesforce? Sql injection is restricted.

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