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What do I really want from life?
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  5. Running a Business

That said, flexibility is key. The smaller, day-to-day goals that will lead me toward fulfilling these ambitions, however, can be harder to set.

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Putting aside time each morning for a quick daily goal-setting session has helped me enormously. Second, the action of checking off a completed daily goal — no matter how small — gives me a sense of satisfaction that helps nurture my own mental well-being. The key caveat to the practice of daily goal-setting, of course, is that you have to be OK with failing to meet those goals from time to time.

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Start by making sure that your goals are realistic. Even the best-laid plans are going to fall apart every now and then. Every entrepreneurial mother will face baby spit-up on their dry-cleaned suit at some point.

  1. Running Your Family Like a Business and Getting on Top of Life | In the Boat With Ben!
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  4. Accept that this is going to happen, recalibrate and move on. Dwelling on these setbacks will only mess up your routine even more. Multitasking seems like it was designed for those of us balancing a company and a child, but trying to do both roles at once can easily result in doing neither role well.

    Running Your Family Like a Business and Getting on Top of Life | In the Boat With Ben

    The result now hangs in the National Gallery in Oslo. Due to an admin error, it's been mislabelled as The Scream, by Edvard Munch.


    As I read on, I steeled myself for all manner of soul-corroding advice: build your "family brand", conduct degree performance reviews on your spouse, fire underperforming children, and so forth. But I was pleasantly surprised.

    How to Manage Your Work-Life Balance

    Indeed, when it comes to the notion that business wisdom might inform the way we conduct our personal lives, you might even say he pushes the envelope. But I won't. Feiler focuses on the work philosophy known as Agile , which emerged from software development — notorious for its missed deadlines, inhuman hours and botched products designed by committee.

    The trouble with big, multi-person projects is that even the best-run firms grow rigid; when circumstances change, they can't adapt. Agile seeks to build in flexibility, for example through daily "scrums" at which every team member reports on what's working and what's not.

    Why Running A Marathon is Like…

    Tweaking the system becomes a continuous process, not something that happens only when crisis strikes. Feiler introduces us to families who use Agile-style weekly reviews — minute meetings in which everyone answers three questions: what worked for our family this week? There are distractions to be had at the office, sure—a co-worker visiting you while he procrastinates, or your seventh boss coming to tell you about covers on your TPS reports. But at home, the distractions are especially powerful precisely because you can indulge in them if you so choose.

    “So, did you sell anything today? I want to go on a cruise!”

    Easy, that is, as long as you know which tools to use to handle your logistics effectively and present the appearance of a full-functioning business to your potential clients:. Sometimes it pays to work at an office. Remote office locations can eliminate distractions, allow you to meet more effectively with clients, and—if you have employees—even become a downright necessity.

    What are your other options?

    Running a Business

    Coworking space is cheap and effective—the only downside is that you have to share it with others. Use a service like ShareDesk or an app like Desktime to search through available coworking spaces in your location. Virtual office providers like Regus are national outlets that provide the same services. Laura Spencer at Freelance Folder wrote a guide to deciding whether or not you should rent office space for yourself.