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Perhaps that is why it is one of my favorite drinks.

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The problem? But first, a little history:. Various books from Victor Bergeron described using rum from Jamaica as well as from Martinique, which in modern usage is a Rhum Agricole. Now synonymous with tiki culture, Mai Tais gained their popularity in the s and have become fashionable again, especially in the Bay Area.

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So, where to go to enjoy them? But truth be told, my personal favorite is the San Francisco Mai Tai, so called because it has a float of Bacardi rum and was made famous by the bartenders at the now-closed San Francisco outpost. But it never quite found its footing and closed permanently in late Luckily, the original is still with us. Half the fun at this lively Cow Hollow restaurant is sitting outside on a sunny day.

Landrin's Possessions

The Palm House has one of the best sidewalk patios in the City. The Palm House uses Two Hands orgeat, Kraken spiced rum, a light rum and lime juice—and serves it up in a coconut shell. Order it with a side shot of dark rum just to gild the lily. The drink is topped with a tiny umbrella and their signature orchid. This Hayes Valley mainstay reinvented tiki in a modern way.

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The 3-story bar has a small waterfall and pond, bars on two levels and a private upstairs lounge. It is located beyond a locked door near a beardless mage Landri. Check the Magic page for details on the reagents. Near the exit of Dungeon Hythloth lies the lighter-than-air device.

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Get on it, and it will move according to the direction of the wind. It is therefore necessary to cast "Wind Change" spells to go in the direction you want. Actually, the exit of Dungeon Hythloth is quite faraway from the mainland in any direction, therefore you should just keep flying in the same direction. Once you manage to get near the Serpent's Spine mountains between Britain and Yew , locate the position of the White Stone shrine, align the balloon with it, then land on the hills near the mountains.

Because the wind is quite tricky; you should make sure you are aligned with the Stone, then cast the "Wind" spell in the required direction, then jump onto the balloon.

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When you are above the plateau, land and enter the nearby cave. In there, four humans and an Ankh give useful information about the Quest. You saw how hard it is to fly with the balloon. Better leave it and rely on your feet from now on. Travel to Minoc and give Exodus' Scale to Zircon the smith.

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