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  1. The 13 Craziest Things People Do to Maintain Their Leather Purses
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This Tumi model is specialized for travel and has useful features for the frequent flyer. Who this is for: Frequent business travelers, who want a warranty that will even cover airline damage. Its thick nylon exterior will help repel water and withstand the many elements you might experience while rushing through airports and traversing new cities.

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Most people will choose to carry the Tumi using its namesake T-Pass, which allows you to easily attach it to the handle of your carry-on. This fashion-forward bag will hold your laptop and a few essentials, but not much more. Who this is for: Someone looking for a sleek and stylish bag—and who needs to carry only a light load. The light bag holds a inch laptop, an e-reader, a notebook, a portable USB battery pack, pens, pencils, and several cables.

The 13 Craziest Things People Do to Maintain Their Leather Purses

Even when filled with all of this stuff, the bag keeps a slim profile that accentuates its striking detailing. The water-resistant nylon exterior of the black model we tested features a leather accent band and golden zippers. This style pairs well with a more formal outfit—like a simple wool suit or black dress—or can be used to dress up a more casual look.

The bag also has a simple shoulder strap that lacks padding which would be more of an issue if it was possible to overload this small bag.

Repair Services

During our testing, the pull tab on one of the front zippers fell off. A representative of Knomo confirmed with us that anyone who had purchased the bag with this issue would simply have to send the bag back to the company to receive a replacement. The bag also comes with a unique Knomo ID, which allows the company to find and track a lost registered bag.

Pockets and organization: The Hanover is a little light on organization. It has a single main middle zippered compartment that has a divider to keep your laptop secure and separate from the rest of your things. On the outside, there is a metallic closure that opens to a flat pocket for a few documents, cables, or pens. It also has two zippered pockets with RFID protection in the front, sized for a passport or small electronic device. Flaws but not dealbreakers: We like the aesthetics of the Hanover, but they might clash with your personal style, especially if you tend to dress more casually. reviews: How to restore repair leather briefcase, book, couch, jacket

Colors: black both and inch sizes , cherry, gray, off-white listed by the manufacturer as Canvas, which is a different fabric from the one we tested. Who this is for: Someone who wants a light and slim briefcase, but prioritizes affordable and well-organized over chic and stylish. Luckily, the bag is comfortable to wear even when packed to the brim. Pockets and organization: Incase has a reputation for excellent internal layouts, and that holds true for the Reform.

This bag has a dedicated hard-shell internal case for your laptop that shuts with a magnetic-closure flap, and it can open to lie flat for TSA compliance. The second section has more pockets in one place than any of the other bags we looked at—a strip of nine in different sizes and shapes, one of which has a Velcro closure. Flaws but not dealbreakers: Although the shoulder strap is comfortable, it attaches to the top corners of the bag rather than the sides; such a design is okay most of the time, but the zipper track deforms if the bag is heavily loaded, making it difficult to close.

Colors: heather black, heather gray, black, nylon black which uses a different, tougher exterior fabric than the model we reviewed. Who this is for: Someone who works in a casual environment but still wants a briefcase—and wants something hard-wearing. For its straps, it uses bridle leather, the result of a post-dyeing process that treats the leather with oils and then wax on both sides.

This procedure creates a stiffer leather that takes longer to break in but is smooth, hard-wearing, and traditionally blessed with a deeper color. Pockets and organization: Inside the main section, the Filson Original has two full-length laptop or folder pockets, as well as a series of smaller internal pockets for miscellanea. It also sports a large outer pocket on either side for tucking in minor flat extras like newspapers. Apparently, Chanel eye-makeup remover does the trick for getting stains off leather.

Others say that baby wipes can do the same thing for much less. You can achieve the same results with other similar products like Apple Leather Care , which also has favorable reviews. As far as care goes, this tip has been repeated many times and is the best way to care for any prized handbag. LaMer Moisturizer. Another weird tip a member learned from a department-store sales associate involves the pricey face cream.

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They even have a method of massage that involves pumping dabs on the bag before kneading it like dough. Then apply a coat, buff in with a soft cloth, and repeat as needed. Armor All. Who knew AutoZone and luxury bags went hand in hand?

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  8. The same member who posted about the Blackrock product also suggests using the car protectant to maintain and rejuvenate coated canvas bags. This is by far one of the more out-of-the-box suggestions, so try at your own risk. Samorga Inserts. The biggest problem with many expensive bags is sagging as leather gets softer over time. The brand has differently shaped ones that fit nearly every designer brand. At Sofa Repair, we're the UK's leather repair specialists.

    Count on us for expert on-site leather care for sofas, chairs and car upholstery. Sofa Repair - onsite leather care experts in the UK. Total Pageviews. Friday, August 23, Restoration of 70's era Coach Briefcase. A nice 70's era Coach leather briefcase that had seen alot of use. There is no sense in discarding old leather briefcases like this when they're worn. With a some work they can be restored back to "like new condition".

    The edges were very worn, but the leather wasn't damaged beyond repair. Surface scratches as long as they are not too deep will cover up fine after re-dyeing. Below are the pictures after restoration.

    The edges reconditioned well and there is no notice of the previous wear. The leather regained that soft feel and finished nicely. You could no longer tell that this briefcase was around 40 years old. Here under the flap shows how well the inside restored. To receive an estimate to have your leather briefcase restored,. Larry americandrycleaners. The process takes about 2 weeks to complete. American Cleaners.

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    Charlotte, NC Labels: Coach Briefcase. John Deny August 26, at AM. Julia Gonsalvis October 19, at AM.