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And of those dog people we ask: Did you know there are actually cats out there that act like dogs? We Have the Answer. The Abyssinian has a true fondness for water and for humans. Loving to play fetch, the cat will retrieve and carry a toy in his mouth similar to a canine. In addition, he loves being around humans and helping them out with household chores.

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Unfortunately, he can become easily depressed if not given enough attention or time from his owner. Another breed that loves going for a swim, the Turkish angora also enjoys playing with toys and games with humans. A playful kitty, he can often be found getting mischievous in the dirt.

Like some dog breeds, the Turkish angora makes an awesome family pet, as he loves children as much as he adores adults. Like the Turkish angora, the beautiful Burmese enjoys being around children. A wonderful cat for the dog-lover, this breed is known to for his canine behaviors, which include similar feeding rituals, playful nature and dependence on his owner.

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In addition, they are not comfortable outdoors. An elegant Russian breed, the Peterbald cat can be hairless or have a coat that resembles a peach. The first documented Peterbald was in when reports revealed a cat with an unusual coat in Russia. After that, Peterbalds were exported to other countries in Europe.

These cats make delightful pets and are known for their muscular build. Similar to the Donskoy cat, the Peterbald has a dominant gene which makes it hairless. It is a smart and affectionate cat, and will rest peacefully on your lap. However, its skin is very sensitive so children need to handle it carefully. In addition, this breed is susceptible to sunburn and hence cannot spend a long time outdoors.

Many reports trace back the Persian cats to 19 th century Persia modern day Iran , but historical evidence suggests that the breed has been existing since hundreds of years before Christ. They are noted for their open pansy-like faces and luxurious long hair. In addition, they have a gentle and sweet personality and can easily adapt to a noisy household. Persian cats are playful by nature and their expressive eyes provide them a cute and delightful look. However, you need to be intricate and thorough in their maintenance as their long coat is vulnerable to hairballs and tangles.

The Persian cat is widely recognized by its mushy face and fluffy hair. It enjoys showing affection and cuddling, but is not very vocal. Their furry coat needs daily grooming and brushing. This breed comes in multiple variations and colors. Its weight is comparable to a regular American Shorthair. Bengal cats have a feral and exotic look but make ideal feline pets.

This breed is noted for its spotted coat and muscular build. The Bengal cat is domesticated but its origin can be traced back to the s when a wild Asian leopard cat was mated with domestic shorthairs. It makes a fun pet as it is active and smart.

The Complete Cat Breed Book | DK UK

But this breed can be a challenge to keep at home as they are inquisitive and satisfy their curiosity by jumping into aquariums, playing with switches, hanging from chandeliers and doing other antics. Because of its feral origins, the Persian cat is much larger in size compared to your average pet cat. Personality-wise, Bengals are affectionate, child- and dog-friendly, and very social.

In addition, they are energetic and extremely playful. A hybrid of the wild African serval cat and a domestic Persian cat, the first Savannah was produced in by Bengal breeder Judee Frank. This breed soon became popular and was accepted by breeder associations in the mid s. Like dogs, Savannah cats are extremely loyal. They are open to socializing with other pets and strangers if trained at an early age. Savannahs that are not used to strangers start growling and hissing.

These cats are strong and agile and can easily jump onto high cabinets, refrigerators, and door tops. In addition, they are smart, curious, playful, and active, and need plenty of exercise. Savannahs can be classified into five types from F1 TO F5. A Los Angeles-based firm produces only 5 kittens of this type each year. So if you buy one, you will be among the very few owners of this amazing cat breed. In aesthetics, the Ashera resembles a snow leopard in its pattern. But its behavior and temperament are similar to Savannah cats. In fact, some experts argue that genetic testing reveals that Ashera cats are nothing but Savannah F1 cats.

This exotic breed is a hybrid of the Asian leopard cat, a domestic housecat, and the African serval. Personality-wise, it is loyal, affectionate, and very intelligent. Despite the controversy about its genetics, the Ashera is the most prized pet cat in the world and you can take one home if you can cough up the astronomical price. Senior writer for FinancesOnline. If he is not writing about the booming SaaS and B2B industry, with special focus on developments in CRM and business intelligence software spaces, he is editing manuscripts for aspiring and veteran authors.

He has compiled years of experience editing book titles and writing for popular marketing and technical publications. The pricing for Bengal Cats and Savannah Cats are no where even remotely close to what they actually cost. Same for a Savannah I own a breeding quality Bengal. Can American Curl cats live in the wild? Or does the shape of their ears affect their hunting skills? Can they even hunt? They are the most cutest catses in the world apart from scottish fold.

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I wish I could have that many cats! I think the prices are based on rarity and popularity? People would be willing to pay more for them, I guess?

Books on Cat Health

I don't know where you get these prices from but I have had almost every cat on that list and I got them for free all except for the bangle and the Savannah which I actually know where to get way cheaper than you have listed. Why is not Norwegian Forest Cat on here!?

I have one and she is a rescue and wow what an amazing cat. She is a gentle giant. She is a big cat like the Maine Coon and she is so sweet and loving. Not sure who rescued who. This beautiful cat should be on this list! This is a list of expensive cats, not a list of beautiful cats. And I don't mean to be rude, but is that comment relevant? I have owned three beautiful lovely mainecoon cats all rescued and such beautiful, loyal, hardy, smart cats. Each one was wonderful to own.

I have now my last Maincoon since I am sick and will only get worse through the years. She was also a rescue from a hurricane and again what a beauty.


She is a big strong, loves and get along great with my German Shepard smarty bug. We got her from a rescue. DNA done.

Omg she is pure breed and wonderful anaical. Classic cat and great to own. Great with other pets, kids, and loyal as the day. One thing, do not get a Bengal if you want a quiet cat. My cat carries on conversation with me, and often with himself. He has a LOUD meow. Louder than domestic cats. He is by far the most loving cat we have ever had, he follows his "Daddy" everywhere.

My bengal acts like a toddler.