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If you have a garage, an empty room or even a space where you can put some affordable best Jiu Jitsu mats, it can be a great place to practice. Mats are essential when training BJJ.

Backyard | San Jose

Jiu Jitsu mats can be perfect for anyone with different requirements. If you want to have your own personal dojo, check some of the best Jiu Jitsu mats below. Puzzle mats are highly durable and have a non-skid texture. They are easy to clean, water resistant and also have a noise reducing design.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

These lightweight pieces connect easily and without any hassles. They can be disassembled whenever you want and put in storage. These foam tiles can easily be attached to each other and shaped as you like.

IncStores tatami tiles are lightweight and made of high-density foam. There are of course waterproof and easy to clean. Extra thick tiles, designed for the practice of Martial Arts. This brand includes borders in most pack options, which is a good bonus feature.

These rollable mats are great for hassle-free setup, transport and storage. The safe anti-microbial surface makes them safe, preventing you from getting any skin infections and spreading bacteria. In comparison with the Puzzle mats, the Roll Out ones are much easier to transport. This is a thick tumbling mat, a good option for at home trainings and stretching.

For a wider surface, you can either purchase a bigger size or buy multiple ones and attach them together. Made of a durable cover and foam cushion. Available in different sizes and colors. A Folding Mat is a very versatile item. It can be used by Jiu Jitsu practitioners, as well as other martial arts, yoga, pilates, gymnastics, tumbling, aerobics, etc.

How much do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes cost?

This mat will cover all your workout needs. Usually, they have Velcro on both ends and they can fold multiple times. They also have carrying handles. These features make Folding Mats very easy to transport. They are easy to carry and take up minimal space in storage. The two inches thick Polyurethane foam keeps your wrists, back and knees comfortable throughout your training.

They stay cool and dry during the workout. Folding Jiu Jitsu mats are skid-free on carpets or tiles. The Polar Aurora mat is suitable for sparing and training martial arts.

All you need to know about the gentle art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!

Find out about Mike, his history, and why he knows mats. From children's classes to world class MMA fighters, take a look at some of the uses that our customers put our mats through. Swain Mats and Dollamur sponsor fighters and athletes, and works to grow martial arts and grappling sports throughout our country. See what Dollamur is doing to make a safe and friendly sports world.

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Whether you are a martial arts school owner or home mat user training out of your garage, we have the right mat for you. Dollamur can provide you with the solution you need to keep safe, and training. Reimagine your training space with Dollamur and Swain mats and flooring. Our mats are manufactured using the latest in athletic foam technology. The closed-cell, cross-linked foam provides maximum shock absorption and will never harden allowing mats to maintain performance throughout their life. Make a positive, lasting impact on students and competitors with high-performance smooth vinyl, tatami vinyl or Swain Hybrid Tatami tiles from Dollamur.

Interested in a virtually seamless mat flooring option? Flooring can be installed in areas or wall-to-wall to maximize your workout space. Quotes and design assistance are always FREE! All Rights Reserved.