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  1. Make sure you take care of your hands and feet | 7 helpful tips
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  3. What causes cracked skin on hands, fingers and feet?
  4. How to Take Care of Hands and Feet?? Complete Beauty Guide!

Feet are the part of body that sustain the harsh treatments the moment we step out of our home. In summers feet remain enclosed in shoes that sometime cause infection. Improper treatment and negligence often lead to cracked feet. In most cases cracked feet are associated with drying and untidy feet. A regular visit for pedicure can work wonders… head in for a foot massage once every week. This will keep your feet clean. Trim your toe nails to avoid dirt and dust from accumulating under your toe nails.

For a good looking and healthy feet you should go for pedicure at least once a week. Here are few pedicure procedures that you can do at you home to get beautiful and smooth feet. Homely kitchen ingredients can be helpful proper care of various beauty problems related to your hands and feet. Here are few homely stuff that can be used for proper care of various skin related problems of your hand and feet. There are several hand and feet beauty products available in India. Some of these are. With changing perspective about beauty and skin care feet and hand care cream has became ab essential component of every women beauty kit.

Almost every major cosmetic company has its range of pedicure and manicure kits. Many of these products are based on natural ingredients. It is better to go for natural hand and feet care products. Just simple ignorance of hand, arms and legs sometime became Achilles heel in your over all beauty treatment. Your hands and legs draw direct attention of people and ignoring them is one of the biggest beauty mistake most ladies make.

Make sure you take care of your hands and feet | 7 helpful tips

So next time while getting prepared for a special occasion give your hand and feet as much attention as give to your face. Little bit attention to your hand and feet would make you completely beautiful. Know More Humor Travel. Complete Beauty Guide! Go for Manicure You can go for a proper manicure if you want to have nice looking hands.

Firstly to perform manicure is to gather all essential stuffs required for it. A few required items for manicure are nail polish, nail clippers, nail-polish remover, cotton swabs, cuticle pusher, cuticle remover, hand moisturizer, base coat, etc. Put your hand in a bowl of soapy water and cleanse it. You can also put essential oil your choice in it. After cleansing your hand rub it dry with a clean towel and apply cuticle cream on the nail intact. Keep it for 10 to 15 minutes. Soak a cotton ball with nail polish remover.

Remove all the leftover polish with this. Wipe out cuticle cream and remove the cuticle with cuticle remover.

Make them minty fresh

Now apply a quality lotion or hand cream on your hands and keep it on your hand for 7 minutes. This will make your hand feel soft and refreshed afterwards. Now you can decorate and polish your nails. You can use base coat to polish your nails. Once this base coat get dry completely apply nail polish of your desired color. How to Take Care of Feet Feet are the part of body that sustain the harsh treatments the moment we step out of our home.

Put your Feet in Lukewarm Water — The best way to treat your feet is to soak your feet in lukewarm water regularly. This is way to ease down the effect of pollution, dust and tiredness. Putting you feet in warm water also refresh your body and enhance the blood circulation in the feet. You should do this basic thing regularly for lovely and relaxed feet. Foot Powder — Foot powders is essential beauty product for feet that can effectively soak up excessive moisture from your feet in the hot months.

A nice and scented powder will make your feet feel good and also keep you refreshed through out the day. It also eases down the problem of smelly feet. Every time apply a good amount of foot power on feet if want to keep your feet freshen and away form odor. Sun Protect — Sun protection is not only needed for your face and hand. It is equally important for your feet also undue exposure of sun make your feet look more darker.

Every time you step out in the sun apply some generous amount of sunscreen on your feet.

What causes cracked skin on hands, fingers and feet?

It will protect your feet from sunburn and darkening. Regular scrubbing and care of knees will make them beautiful. With dark and improper knees it will be compelled to miss your favorite denims and trousers this season should have to opt for skirts and full dresses instead. If you want to wear mini skirts and trousers make sure that you keep your knees spotless and clean. Go For a Pedicure A regular visit for pedicure can work wonders… head in for a foot massage once every week.

Nail Care : The most basic thing that you need to do is proper trimming and shaping your nails. Remove your old nail polish that you are wearing around your nail. Use a good nail polish remover to clean and then trim your nail. While trimming your nails make sure that you are cutting nails straight if your will cut the nails around the corner it will lead to some painful ingrown nails.

Foot Bath : This is the another step you can do as a part of your personal pedicure. Cleanse your feet by filling lukewarm water in a basin or tub and add some bath salts to it. Put your feet in tub in such a way that it cover your ankle. For better result you can add few drops of essential oil that appeal you the most. Put some smooth pebbles or sand in the bottom of the tub. These pebbles will give a pleasant massage when you will place your feet on them.

After putting your feet in water and cleansing it dry it a with a clean towel. The packaging is not the same color i. The cap is black whereas the real product has a navy blue cap. The lotion does not smell anything like the real L'occitane, it smells very strongly like baby powder. The lotion is also much much greasier than the real L'occitane. Just purchase the lotion from L'occitane's actual website instead of using prime, don't waste your money. By Ancient Greek Remedy. Works wonders on my foot psoriasis 10 stars! PROS: 1.

You can see from the photos how this approved the appearance of my feet to the point where I feel confident enough to wear sandals. That's just the appearance, but you can tell how the balm softened the skin and soothed it. I've used other treatments including prescription creams and ointments that helped the appearance of my feet, but they didn't soften or soothe the skin.

It's hard to explain to anyone who doesn't have psoriasis. The scent of this one is a lot softer than the oil. I like the stronger scent of the oil for using on my skin and before bedtime. The scent of the balm is just enough to freshen my feet. I like that you can control how much of the balm dispenses by how light or hard you depress the nozzle.

By TM Conway. Best callous softener I've ever tried I have lots of very tough callous on my feet. This worked best and surprised me because it is all natural oils. No chemicals. At all. It comes out of the dispenser thick but melts down quickly. It's very slippery for about 30 or 40 minutes so I use it at bedtime. There is virtually no scent. For 4 days I used this on my least calloused foot and one of the more chemical products on my most calloused foot because I expected the products with urea and exfoliating acids to wok best.

By Lora E Castilla. This product is amazing!! I had rough This product is amazing!! I had rough, dry, peeling skin on the bottom of my feet since I can remember. I always tried new creams on it, and nothing ever helped. I applied this cream at night and didn't want to believe that I saw results the next morning already. I'm using the product for about a week and I'm basically back to baby feet! Loving it! And so is my husband! By raizy. I'm 30 years old and thought to myself "my good feet days are in the past ". I'm originally from Miami so it's almost days of flip flops or open toe shoes.

Prescription moisturizing lotion, even at home foot scrubs and soaks, overnight foot wraps. So fed up, I always go on Amazon to read reviews and see what other people have tried. I came across this lotion. So I tried it. My heels were so badly cracked it hurt to walk.

I honestly don't know how my feet got to this point I even purchased a pumice stone, the "as seen on tv ped egg". This stuff is amazing. My feet have been cracked non-stop for probably the last 10 years. I'm 32 years old and was incredibly embarrassed by my feet. After the first week of using it nightly no socks I was still a bit skeptical because there was a slight improvement, but not much. The second week I was like okay, we're getting there Something has finally worked!

By Jaime. Picture says a thousand I always read reviews, but rarely write them. I felt compelled to write one for O'Keefe's Healthy feet as this is the real dead. I usually let my feet be handled by professionals - i. I walk around barefoot all the time and almost always wear shoes without socks - flats, heels, flip flops, etc. Needless to say without the bi-monthly pedicures and the love I should be showing my piggies, the neglect I've given my feet made them look like they've seen better days.

Honestly, I would get embarrassed by the heels of my feet because they were so dry and hard and starting to crack. I purchased a pumice stone and went to town on these monsters with little to no help long term. By Chuck. I also had a newborn baby so I live in Minnesota and this winter my hands were terribly dry. I also had a newborn baby so I was washing bottles like it was going out of style. The two didn't mix well and my hands were so dry they were cracking and even bleeding.

I'm a bit compulsive, so I did research online and bought the 10 best hand lotions based on lists and reviews from multiple websites. A bit ridiculous, I know. But, I was home on maternity leave with very little else to do Anyways, this is by far the best hand lotion you can find.

Trust me, I have a drawer full of over a hundred dollars of different hand lotions. AHAVA actually moisturizes your hands but doesn't leave a nasty film or grease. It smells great too. I think I like the Water scent better too because it seems more subtle to me, but this sea scent is fresh. I think if you typically like Sea related scents you will find the scent ok, but the real reason to buy this is the moisturizing awesomeness.

By Morgan. Completely worth every penny of the purchase price. Came as described and on time. The hand cream feels thick and creamy, melts into your skin and immediately moisturizes and renews your skin, feels almost healing, absolutely no greasy after effect, just silky skin. My skin is very dry this winter, using a pea sized dot of the cream it refreshed my hands and they felt smooth for literally hours afterwards.

Normally I would never think of putting a hand or body cream on my face, but yes- this winter is harsh and my skin feels almost like it was cracking! By Mom the artist Brown. First off, I'm not a paid reviewer and I don't work for this company I'm just a 60 year old grandma whose skin has gotten drier and drier with age and loss of hormones. I say "hand" cream because not only has it transformed my hands, it has made such a miraculous difference in my terribly dry, calloused FEET. I thought hmmmmmm Well, guess what?

Every night I put this on my hands and feet every night and wear socks to bed I wake up with baby soft skin and almost non existent cuticles. My husband has teased me about my "sloth feet" for years and he can't believe the difference. By Jeanette Hall. Amazing I purchased this Okeeffes cream because it was recommended to me from my brother in law who works with his hands and said this worked amazing on his hands.

I had been complaining to my sister about the pain I was feeling in my hands from the cracks and my psoriasis was acting up as well. They swore by it and said I should give it a try. I took pictures of before and now after using it for over a month now. The results are amazing.

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I have not used the feet lotion because I have been focusing on my hands. But as you can see it is working. I have been to the Dr for years about my psoriasis and I have taken steroids from oral and oil lotions. This worked amazing. I have tried every lotion on the market! I have tried every lotion on the market - ok not all, but you get what I mean. I have tried alot of them. My hands were in the worst shape they have ever been. It's wi ter and has been dry and cold out. The tips of my fingers looked like alligator skin. I had open cracks that looked like cuts all over my hands.

Nothing would help them! I came upon Working Hands and decided I had nothing to lose. I noticed this Cream was something different the second it touched my skin. It wasn't greasy feeling at all. It absorbed, but yet it feels like there's a smooth protector on my hands at the same time. It remains even after I wash my hands. I put it on again before I went to bed. By Lipstick. Great for Dry, Cracked Winter Hands! Hands down the best hand lotion on the market!

The constant hand washing was wreaking havoc on my hands! They were so dried out and shriveled that they were starting to look like the gnarled hands of an old, arthritic woman. I got this lotion and from the first application I could feel it working its magic into my skin. I cannot sing enough praises about this lotion and I will be using this often! By Natalie M. Just wow! Due to my job, I wash my hands multiple times an hour with harsh soap. My hands would be throbbing, cracked, bleeding. I was at my wits end. It goes on so smoothly not gloppy and greasy like other heavy duty creams.

By happy as a clam. It may work for you, just not for me. I'm 5 weeks postpartum and my skin usually acts up, plus winter is coming so I wanted to buy something VERY moisturizing for my hands that dries quickly and doesn't leave an odd feeling behind. Odd feeling meaning typical stuff like Jergens and Nivea will leave a sweaty feeling on my hands. They also make my hands sweat more for some reason. So I went ahead and bought this to try as I still have a small tube of the other. Well let's start with this does dry very quickly. Once I put this on and spread it around my hands, it's dries within seconds.

This doesn't have a scent, at least none that I notice. By Sandy. By Chom.

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Quite surprised at how well this foot cream works was very skeptical. I use it twice a day, morning after shower and before bedtime. This lotion works well after you've had a good pedicure and consistently use it twice a day. Great product! My feet have never looked better!!

My feet have never looked and felt better! By Angie Johnson. Good for feet, hands, legs, arms etc Best stuff ever for dry, cracked summer sandal feet. For best results, and if your feet are really dry, you need to apply daily. After that, x a week works. It is also good for any dry skin on your arms or legs. Gave an almost empty tube to my dad when he was complaining about his dry cracked hands. Next thing I knew, he asked me to order him a tube. The product is a little pricey, but unlike other products I have used, it actually works.

The cream is rich and thick and feels really good to your skin. By Readsalot. By Elite Sportz Equipment. My daughter uses two spritzes on each foot daily and there's still about an inch left in the bottle. She's wearing the same pair of gym shoes and they're still stink free 4 months later. I ordered a 2nd bottle today so it'll be on hand when this one runs out, which I'm guessing will be in about a month. Even the flats she wears without socks! Seriously, try this product!

I'm always skeptical of natural remedies. I'm a bleach and Lysol kind of gal! By Michelle C. Much more effective than many powders or aerosol sprays This product is great. It's more effective than any foot powder or aerosol spray I've used and I've used a lot of the big brands. For busy feet - working out and hiking, it seems to reduce calluses and blisters. For anyone interested, it also softens and exfoliates the skin.

It does not seem to stain socks or shoes and washes out easily. My only caution is that is can be slippery on application until it soaks in or evaporates. So don't spray your feet then try and walk on a smooth floor. Either let it dry or put on socks first. My son's feet would gag us every time he took his shoes off. Especially in close quarters! I washed his shoes then had him spray his feet and the shoe. It was miraculous.

We can actually be in the same room with him now! I spray his wrestling shoes a couple time per week. If you have ever experienced the wrestling room at a high school, you'll understand how bad the whole room smells. It smells like ass! Imagine the shoes after practice! This stuff works! A little of this coming out of the shower works like a charm making soft feet and heels that don't This product really works. In So Georgia you tend to leave your shoes where you last sat down. The results are dry feet and heels that sometimes crack.

A little of this coming out of the shower works like a charm making soft feet and heels that don't rip your nylons to shreds before you get them on your feet. By BobbyofTville. Actually works and my feet are normal again. This foot cream is amazing. I had dry rough cracked areas on my big toes and very dry hard heels and it's helped a LOT. On the weekends my lovely husband gives me a footrub and puts some of the foot cream on for me before I go to bed. Put socks on to keep it all in there and not on the sheets!

By morning the change is already obvious. Just be careful getting in the shower afterwards - it can make your feet a bit slippery! After putting it on nights a week for 2 weeks my feet are way softer. It's very thick and it smells nice. Love it and I will keep buying it. By Subi. Price doubled in a few months I like this cream and it really works. Bought two months ago and came for more but the price has more than doubled, which makes no sense. I recommend it and will continue to use it but will find locally.

Such a wide range of costs now on amazon. Still some bargains to be had but not nearly as many as there used to be. By One More Time. Peeled off the rest of the torn callous this morning Saturday while lifting. Or might have done the same thing on its own I'll keep using it to see if it prevents tearing my hands down the road. By Huskerhawk. Between washing my hands frequently throughout the day, working with my hands, rock climbing and lifting weights, it dries out and tears up my hands. I have tried using other lotions but found that they caused my calluses to peel off with repeated use.

I have been using the kit for 3 weeks now and really starting to notice a difference. My finger tips and cuticles are not splitting and bleeding like usual. My calluses are not tearing off after using the hand cream for an extended amount of time. The hand cream has a very nice peppermint sent that doesn't stick around for long. The salve is in a push up tube that makes application faster and easier than a traditional tin. By Chris. I have contact eczema from work. I am a barista, meaning i use my hands all day, touching wet things, dry things, hot things, cold things, and washing my hands excessively through it all.

I have had this problem from several years. I have tried copious amounts of lotions, soaps, gloves, and creams. My hands were bleeding, cracking, and itching like crazy. The doctor I went to even said that he could give me a cream but that the problem would come back because I spend all day doing the damaging thing.

I bought this product several months ago and my hands have never looked or felt better. I feel it is critical to get all three of these products. By Breanna Tucker. By Eucerin. My hands looks like they have human skin for the first time in 2 years. The fingers on my right hand get so dry that the skin on my fingers cracks and peels until I am bleeding and have raw patches of skin that wrap around my entire fingers.

Now, obviously I am unable to use this lotions once the skin is broken or peeled off or bleeding. Once that point is reached, I am covered in bandages and focus on healing the wounds.

What’s Causing My Cold Hands and Feet? - Ask the Doctor

I have tried, very literally, hundreds of lotions and hand creams to prevent this. Some things work 'so-so'. Yeah, they work, but only if I am very liberal and dillgent in using them. I felt like I was constantly lotioning my hands or they were always greasy or slick. It was barely a better alternative.

How to Take Care of Hands and Feet?? Complete Beauty Guide!

By Nathaniel Y. Works great for me and my dermatologist! I bought this and the O'Keeffe's Working Hands Cream for my super dry, cracked, bleeing hands and this one was so much better. I was not too fond of the ingredients but reviews said good things about this hand cream and I had nothing to lose so I tried it. I was looking for three main things in a hand cream. It feels very light and is absorbed quickly. I only had to reapply it up to three times per day.

Usually just two! By Gem. Recently I received one that said it was a "New Formula" and it smells so bad! It smells like burnt plastic! I thought maybe it was a bad batch, so I bought another, and it also smelled like burned plastic, so I cannot use this ever again. If you can get past the smell, this may work for you, but when I buy a "fragrance free" product, I expect to not have a gross smell to it! Especially one I'd used for years! I'm now using Neutrogena fragrance free hand cream, but it's not as good as the old Eucerin hand cream.

By Nancy N. By Gold Bond. Best foot cream ever If you have extremely dry and cracked feet or just want extremely soft feet, this is the product that beats all foot creams out there! No overwhelming smells either.